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nuqtay by Naveed Taj Ghouri

What is our attitude towards Quran and understandings of its message!

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About the author: Naveed Taj Ghouri

Regarded as emerging analyst, columnist, poet, blogger, Marketing & Social Media consultant, Naveed Taj Ghouri is undoubtedly one of the fine talents from Pakistan. At age 31, he is working as Manager Marketing, in one of the leading Industrial solutions providing organization. Mr. Ghouri is also a youth motivational speaker, and delivers lectures on talent discovery to hone the skills especially among the students. He has a keen eye on current affairs and strong opinion & analysis on matters of national and international importance. He is founder and admin of a social awareness blog dedicated to youth of Pakistan. A platform providing combination of writings from media experts to amateurs contributors along himself. With his distinctive writing style, he has raised many issues of social, political and economic importance and succeeded in leaving a mark on the thinking of his readers. He holds a master degree in Business & Information Technology from University of the Punjab, Lahore (2006) with Majors in Marketing. In his professional career, Naveed Taj Ghouri has held many positions in the different organizations. In 2006, he joined WebSouls. In 2007, Naveed Taj Ghouri moved to Pizza Hut one of the leading food chain. He was also part of Buksh Group as Associate Manager Marketing for their luxury fashion segment "Men's Store" in 2008. He often write poetry, and his first book containing the collection of his poetry is going to be publish by next year. His other interests and passion are Literature, Current Affairs, Politics, Blogging, Music, Movies, Cricket, Traveling and Socializing. Follow Him @:

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